Grow In Your Faith

“In this world you are either growing or dying, so get in motion and grow.” (Lou Holtz). Our relationship with Jesus is not meant to be a one and done event, it is meant to be alive and growing. As Jesus is transforming us from the inside it will begin to change our priorities and habits. Below are some steps we can take to engage the growth that Jesus is calling us to:

Reading the Bible regularly
Reading the Bible reveals not only God’s character to us, it helps us understand His plan for our lives through the events of others. The Bible is not some book that was written thousands of years ago with no relevance to life today. It is a compilation of events, lessons, and letters that is as applicable to today as when they were written. If you do not have a Bible, feel free to take one of the Bibles that we have in the seat back, download the Youversion app on your phone or tablet, or find it at Youversion is a great resource full of reading plans that deal with where you find yourself in life or certain subjects that you may be curious what the Bible says about them.

Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. We do not have to use special words, be kneeling, have our eyes closed, or be in the church to have a conversation with God. He loves us and listens to us while in the car, at work, taking a walk, or anywhere we might find ourselves. Remember it is a conversation, not simply you going through your list, so it has two sides. God has things He wants to say to you, but we need to slow down and listen.

In Mark 10:45 Jesus said that “He came to serve not be served” and an essential step in our becoming more like Jesus is us serving others. This can mean serving in some capacity in the church, but is not limited to that. We encourage people to find ways of showing the love of Jesus by serving outside the walls of the church, and we do this corporately several times a year.

Connect Groups
God designed us to be in relationship with Him and with others. It is through Connect Groups that we can build personal relationships with others while learning more about God. Click here to check out our current Connect Group list or if you have more questions.

It’s not just about money. God doesn’t need our money or our time to accomplish His mission, but chooses to allow us to partner with Him. God has given each of us certain gifts and talents. This means we can’t do everything in church, but through giving of our time and resources it allows us to broaden our impact for Him.