Journeys end 

Today was our last full day of work here in Ulyanovsk. We finished texturing in the second bathroom, finished sheet rocking the stairs, and finished building a small tool room under the stairs. We spent a couple hours cleaning everything and making it look like a church again. We had burritos for dinner and for dessert after supper we had chocolate layer cake! We had a lot of free time after supper so spent time with the teens and young adults from the church and tried to learn some Russian. A couple of them know more English so that made conversing easier. It at times turned into charades as we tried to communicate what we were talking about! Tomorrow we are going to an outside market and then we fly back to Moscow around 2. We fly out of Moscow early Monday morning to come back and due to the time differences should arrive in Fargo around 9:30 pm Monday. Please pray that we have safe travels home.