International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 8, was International Women’s Day. In our church service all of the ladies received a gift, a beautiful doily and a chocolate bar. The service was pretty similar to what we are used to, except for the fact that it was in Russian. We did have the sermon translated for us and a couple of the songs were ones we were familiar with, like What A Friend We Have In Jesus. The church also expressed their appreciation for our team by giving every member of our team a gift. 

We were able to go to a local grocery store before church and see what they have and a few of us bought some items. After lunch we went downtown to a souvenir shop. Ulyanovsk is famous for a certain type of stone, Simbirtsit, that can only be found here. It is an amber color and is said to give energy to the person wearing it. Maxim, the son of the local pastor, took us on a tour around the city looking at monuments from the war and other significant places like the house where Lenin was born. We were able to eat at a mall food court which is exciting when you can’t tell them what you want very well!
  • We got right back into the swing of things and continued on our projects. We continued framing and sheet rocking in the basement, worked on putting in a new shower, and continued framing in the walls around the stairs. The new shower was not successfully installed by the end of the night due to lack of instructions and other unforeseen mishaps. Hopefully tomorrow we can get it fully installed!